V - Visa (Temporary Visitor)

For foreigners who wish to visit Colombia once or multiple times, without intention of permanent stay:

  1. Transit. 

  2. Tourism. 

  3. Investment planning or procedures.

  4. Academic exchange and some temporary studies.

  5. Medical Treatments. 

  6. Administrative or judicial procedures in Colombia.

  7. Ship crew or offshore platform.

  8. Lecturer, artist, athlete or logistics staff.

  9. Internships.

  10. Volunteer in projects of development, promotion, and protection of human rights.

  11. Audiovisual or digital content production.

  12. Media correspondent.

  13. Temporary Services.

  14. Intra-corporate transfer of personnel.

  15. Government official or commercial representative that does not imply accreditation.

  16. Holiday-work according to current treaties.


M - Visa (Migrant Visa)

For the foreigner who wishes to enter or remain in the national territory with the intention of establishing himself/herself, and does not meet the conditions for a type R visa:


  1. Spouse or permanent partner of a Colombian national.

  2. Parents or children of Colombian nationals by naturalization.

  3. Mercosur, Bolivia, and Chile.

  4. Recognized as a refugee.

  5. Long-term employment.

  6. Investment in commercial companies. 

  7. Independent professional.

  8. Religious.

  9. Long term education. 

  10. Real estate investment.

  11. Pension or periodic rent.


R - Visa (Resident Visa)

For those aspiring to establish themselves or begin permanent residency in Colombia, and apply to the following conditions: 

  1. Having been a Colombian national, and has renounced this nationality.

  2. Parents of Colombian national by birth.

  3. Permanence in the national territory continuously and uninterrupted for 2 years under M visa, numbers 1,2,3.

  4. Permanence in the national territory continuously and uninterrupted for 5 years under M visa numbers 4 to 11, or as a holder of the beneficiary of R visa.

  5. Foreign investment.


Beneficiary visa


For members of the family group, economic dependents of the main holder of a type M or R visa in any case, or of the main holder of a type V visa when it has been granted for the activities of numerals 12 to 15.


(The beneficiary visa does not allow work permit). See more information on the resources section.

Visa Transfer


It is the request to print a new visa label with the same data of a visa already granted to be stamped in another passport.


Visa termination application


Any type of visa may be terminated at any point at the express wish of the visa holder, or the natural or legal person requesting the visa on behalf of the foreigner.


Effects of visa denial 


A foreigner denied a visa must wait 6 months before reapplying. In many cases, denial can be avoided by working with an attorney.