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The digital nomad visa allows foreign visitors of certain nationalities to spend more time in Colombia, for up to 2 years to provide remote work or telecommuting services, through digital media and the Internet, exclusively for foreign companies, as an independent or labor-related, or to start a digital content or information technology venture of interest to the country, as long as their activities do not generate wage or salary payments in Colombia and with a minimum of requirements.


1. Be the holder of a passport issued by any country or territory exempt from short-stay visas, according to Colombian law.

2. Letter issued by one or several foreign companies for which the foreigner provides his services, indicating the type of relationship and the type of remuneration received by the applicant. If you have a contract with said company, provide it or demonstrate that you are the owner or partner of a company abroad and a letter indicating that your work for the company is carried out remotely.

3. In the case of entrepreneurs, submit a motivational letter explaining their entrepreneurial project and the financial and human resources they have or aspire to have for their business.

4. Demonstrate through bank statements having minimum income equivalent to (3) Current Minimum Legal Monthly Wages in Colombia during the last 3 months (USD 650 Approx per month).

5. Health policy with coverage in the national territory against all risks in case of an accident, illness, maternity, disability, hospitalization, death, or repatriation, for the time foreseen for their stay in the country.

This type of visa allows the visa application of beneficiaries of the primary holder according to the law.

If you have a simple question regarding your immigration concerns, please use the CONTACT ME  section.

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