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The visa process does not end with the approval of a visa, it is the responsibility of both the employee and the company to comply with the requirements of the law such as:

  • Immigration Obligations:

Obligation to register a visa and request an ID for foreigners:

A label should be printed and the visa stamped in the passport when the visa granted is valid for 3 months or longer. The printing and subsequent registration of the visa must be done within the period stipulated in the law, as well as the request for identification.


Obligation to report activity, occupation and trade

Foreigners holding a R resident visa, V visitor visa, and M migrant visa issued with an open work permit must be informed and registered in accordance with immigration and labor laws.

Certain employer obligations will cease when the alien obtains an M migrant visa under certain conditions, or an R resident visa.


Hiring an attorney can be daunting, especially in foreign countries, with different languages, cultures, and when the outcomes impact lives and livelihoods. As a dual citizen and a well-traveled bilingual Colombian Attorney at Law I understand that it’s not “just paperwork.” The sole focus of my legal practice is immigration law, a complex and highly regulated area. I am an expert who can serve as your guide every step of the way.


I am proud to assist you in the journey to either a temporary or permanent residency in Colombia. I regularly assist pensioners, students, researchers, wildlife writers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, real state investors, and other exceptional professionals and their families in obtaining legal temporary or permanent residence status based on tourism, employment, business, or family relationship. And once legal temporary or permanent residence status is achieved, I provide counsel on maintaining that status during absences from Colombia, as well as on becoming a Colombian citizen.


A case e-Valuation is a detailed, written analysis of your immigration case via e-mail.  Your Case e-Valuation will include an evaluation of your current immigration situation, an explanation of any immigration benefits available to you, an explanation of any benefits you might be entitled to in the future as the result of the passage of time or new immigration laws, a recommended immigration strategy, and an estimate of the legal fees and costs required. Most cases will be evaluated within few business days of receiving your request with payment.


Since the pandemic, the great resignation, high living costs, and now quiet quitting, it feels like everyone's been searching for a new way to incorporate work into our lives, rather than organizing our lives around work, and there is no better place than Colombia. 

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